"No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it"

Albert Einstein
Master-class “Let’s Create Love”

​​​The aim
of the master-class  is

(a) to enrich personal understanding of love on the conceptual basis;
(b) to experience love & joy physically;
(c) to bring in love and satisfaction into everyday life;
(d) to improve personal quality of life.

Target audiences:

• People who desire love & personal development (from 9 up to 80 years old);
• Teachers;
• Trainers;
• Psychologists;
• Therapists;
• Parents;
• Students;
• Corporations & private businesses seeking for healthy climate and creative unity at work. 

The materials & methods of this master-class had successfully been tested with

(a) students (future psychologists) of the Institute of Humanity;
(b) employees of small selling businesses during 2010;
(c) clients in private psychological consulting sessions.

Duration:    4-6 hours

Illustrations:    6 animated slide films with nice sounds, covering the topic.

Typical atmosphere
of master-classes: laughter, joy, surprise, enlightenment, creative and high moods, satisfaction.

 text in PDF format with nice pictures


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