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The readers of my books from all over the world keep asking me for opening on-line consultations.  Why not?

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​I am honored being helpful for your well-being, happiness and freedom. Thank you for trust!

You can’t be alone in time of trouble, uncertainty and pain, right?

​​​Here what we can do together:

- We shall make you attractive, sexy and popular

- You will feel loved & comfortable

- We shall heal your jealousy​​

​You will also learn, experience and master:

​- How to have your lover, spouse back, even there is no hope left

- How to loose shyness in relationships, sex including

- How to become an erotic lover and be loved forever

- How to find your soul mate

- How to find a proper sex partner for you

- How to become strong & sexy to win negotiations

- How to connect with your kids

- How to connect with your spouse, lover

- How to attract your love

- How to attract lovely relationships

Health & Beauty

- How to loose weight and stop overeating

- How to stop anorexia

- How to turn stress into laughter

- How to loose your stress

- How to improve your sleep

- How to stop your negative self-talk

- Heal your Post Traumatic Stress Disorder very fast​​

Business, Work & Money

- How to attract more money

- How to read and manage your boss and partners

- How to become the center of attention at work

- How to turn your boss into your friend
Private practice
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my consulting office
Consultations are held only in 2 on-line forms :

I. ​​by phone ​tel.:+7 928 266 93 13, tree minutes are free. More

II. ​​by written communication through e-mail.

​​These modes are the best in getting your desirable results fast. I never use Skype or web cameras as they are not giving the results you want.

​​Topics of our discussions with you are very intimate. Not seeing each other gives you freedom to express yourself and avoid confusion.

Languages: English & Russian

Consulting hours: 9.00-21.00 Moscow time (GMT + 04:00)

It is recommended that you make an appointment beforehand, so that I could give you full time and my lovely attention. The service is highly popular.



​tel.: +7 928 266 93 13, tree minutes are free. More