"Healing Victims. Cross-Cultural Approach" World  Project
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For  group therapy in healing victims

"Create you masterpiece in painting for 3 hours & encode your dreams there":

The effect of goal setting process together with bright images creation is more than a game. According to the research from UC San Diego (2008) "keeping your eye on the right prize" activates our brain's rewarding systems.

Our own masterpiece loving observation brings forth & activates a novel, very complex motivating and rewarding system. Areas of the brain responsible for vision, as it was discovered, respond more strongly to objects of value.

Serences, John T. Value-Based Modulations in Human Visual Cortex.
​DOI 10.1016/j.neuron.2008.10.051

A group of trusted authorities from different countries is developing a World Project to help other professionals to heal victims of intended violence.

​​Our mission is to unite world best experience, knowledge, scientific research and practical achievements in order to create apractical Manuel and a set of multimedia methods for experts to make the healing process of people who suffered from aggressors very effective.

You may already download

1. ​an animated fragment from our first multimedia method "
Healing Love" with a beautiful song. 
The method is done as a PPT Presentation, for Windows, 37 MB

​2. a "Loving​ Smile" script method in PDF for group & individual consulting

​3. a free copy of 2 chapters of the book published by Smashwords Inc (in all modern reading formats & devices) or download in 
 PDF format from this page
We encourage you to use it in your consulting sessions and report us all about its effects as well as share the experience with other colleagues.
The participation in the Project is open to join the group of authors

Dear colleagues, please, send your suggestions, corrections, articles, the best information about yourself: a nice smiling picture, interests, everything you consider important.

Outline your interests & input you are going to make into the project, country, religion, current position, links where everybody can see your activities, publications, etc. This information we shall put on the project page and the book.

Fill in the form to register your participation, please

send your information with your photo attached to your letter to love.formula.book@gmail.com


​You may invite us: Natalia Levis-Fox and Zohra Sadouni, Ph.D, to conduct the “Healing Victims” 2-days training in English, Arabic, French or Russian. The program will be available very soon

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