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1. ​​"The Love Formula" ebook, free report ebook PDF  or from here

2.  "Integration: NLP and Spirituality"  by Dr. R. Bolstad, chapter I,  PDF   or  from  here

3.  Heal fear by laughing, interactive animation  ppt

4.  "Laugh at them!"   multimedia stress healing project filled with humor, get  the animated sample   and a free report in PDF

6. "How to set goals that always work for you"  free report and demo version of the project with nice sounds. This animation was developed for your comfort & support. People with goals always get results!

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7. ​​ How to play with the image of your boss

 Men's plants & flowers for growing sesuality   (Slide film with lovely ideas, .ppt, 3,5 MB)

9. Zero Chakra (Interactive slide film with a nice quick method. .ppt, 2.5 MB)​​
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Without novel concepts and
challenges you brain starts entertaining by playing with past problems
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Laughing at silly people makes you feeling good, nice & healthy.  Lovely pictures filled with humor are both to entertain you and to release negative emotions, stress and stagnation. In comic images, you easily recognize different types of people that bore or annoy you. That is why you laugh freely. Witty comments and aphorisms please your intelligence and lift up your self-worth. You are no longer alone. This raises your mood immediately. Laughter & orgasm have similar ways in brain. The project is modeled for all modern reading devices as the novel type of comics as well as in animation format with nice sounds. Life is designed to be an adventure for you!

Ebook "Laugh at Them" in EnglishFrench  and Russian
Heal  social fears (like public speaking, worries or big boss domination) with our 

Fear Loss Erotica Method​​

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Success and fun are  100% garanteed!
Heal your clients’ social fears with a funny animated method. They would learn what they mentally do to become scared of socially important people.

The animated method will teach them how to become ‘boss’ of the situation. Hundreds of people got rid of social fears since 2008. Those are police officers, university students, children and their parents.

The therapeutic session with this method becomes pleasant, funny and 100% effective.

Heal Social Fearsby Laughing  (for 1 session! only)

​​A step-by-step method + healing & funny animation (demo)
download a demo animation and
​method description (for therapists) in PDF

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