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​​May 2014
is very dynamic in events development, which may lead to basic changes in your life, with both favorable and unfavorable results. This month is very good for fearless and brave people.

Relationships. May is the period of romantic love. According to the stars, the relationships are to develop passionately and quickly. They are going to be highly emotional and satisfying for those, who will fearlessly initiate them! If you are shy, you mail fail. If you dare and speak about your feelings, you partner is likely to respond with understanding, affection and fondness. Do not make long-term plans for future. Live by enjoying every moment of pleasure and dreams. (You can get one of nice and fast methods to become brave in relationships)

Business & Work. Success will come when you learn to be unpredictable to be in right place and right time. Your friendly communication with colleagues, partners and boss, as well as generosity, will create miracles in career: unexpected career promotion, popularity. Stars recommend you to express your own initiative and stop waiting or relying on somebody’s help! Business trips will bring surprising adventures.

Health. Dynamics of May might cause emotional tiredness and depression for those, who value stability and comfort. Stars help people in love this month, so being in love, fills you with energy of health and divine excitement.
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