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All the other aspects of you  are just  roles
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The book will give you the answers about the origin of pain, heal and fill your body with vital energy.

​​The book will be released by Smashwords Inc. (USA) on 12th of December for all modern reading devices.

At the moment, you can easily learn how to make out your your Public and Vital images, using animated Presentation, based on Chaper II.

​​Your Public vs. Vital Image (Free download, PPT, 3 MB)

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PTSD in brain, (Free download .PPT, 2 MB)

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"Your Amazing Future" ebook with animations is comeing soon. It contains nice and quick method to built your desirable future and get what you want
Like any other person in the world, you cannot live without physical pleasure. You wondered many times, why you get only some of it with alcohol, right? You immediately feel easy, good-looking, free and courageous. Then, this drive disappears. Gone! Then you have it back again with wine, beer, vodka, etc. Because you choose the best drink to get into fine states, fast. Moreover, you do it regularly, with the same company, same talks, because they accept you the way you are.

Alcohol reinforces your sensations in erotic lovemaking: you loose control, self-criticism, and fears to be rejected or being underappreciated. You feel your best with alcohol! You do crazy things. That is why you are scared to loose this only source of your freedom…

There is nothing wrong with alcohol. People drink for centuries to experience their best states, drive and courage. Alcohol unites people. Read more

Smashwords Inc

​ISBN 9781311332295 

Read Chapters 1-2​​