Books create space for  miracles within us... Remind your friends about this extraordinary fact
Laughing at silly people makes you feeling good, nice & healthy. Lovely pictures filled with humor are both to entertain you and to release negative emotions, stress and stagnation. In comic images, you easily recognize different types of people that bore or annoy you. That is why you laugh freely when reading "Laugh At Them!" ebook. Learn more

Volume 1 is already published at Currently the project is translated into  Polish,   Spanish,   French   & Russian

If you are a teacher, psychologist, coach or trainer, working with groups or consult people individually, this book provides you with all the necessary concepts, illustrations, methods and exercises to fill your master classes/ lessons/ trainings with love, pleasure, joy and success. People need your help!

The concepts of this book together with scientific research results are so human, that you can easily apply them in every audience:

• business groups
• parents
• students
• teenagers
• doctors
• patients
• teachers
• psychologists
• therapists
• workshops,  etc.
Are you surprised at your inborn capability to create Love and be admired everywhere? Fill your life in all its aspects (body, relationships, profession, business, etc) with Love, using a very ancient secret method. 
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ISBN: 978-1-4523-2722-8
Create love and desired personal qualities (charisma, beauty, popularity, sense of humor, attractiveness, magnetism, sexuality, etc) with a simple & elegant Love Formula. It heals your stress forever. Sing the formula for several days and you get what you want! 

Life is a pleasant adventure with you in the center
"This delightful little book is packed with simple suggestions to fill your daily life with the most precious experience in the universe (Love). Natalia Levi-Fox creates a multimedia word and visual image invitation to celebrate love and understand it's power both in the brain and in shaping our world. Natalia invites you to move away from less satisfying emotions such as jealousy and re-mind yourself of the healing and growth enhancing energy of appreciation, choice and caring." - Dr Richard Bolstad, NLP Trainer and author of PROFUSION. http:/

"The Secret of Healing Jealousy" ebook with over 100 images, diagrams and lovely pictures together with scientific research will heal you for several days due to the easy & elegant Love Formula. 

You will learn how to create images of fidelity, passion for your own satisfaction, thus attracting the attention and love of your partner, spouse or lover.  

It will guide you, your clients or patients to create higher intelligence & freedom of jealousy.

The book explains you why you suffer & offers a happy solution. 
Researchers from University of Haifa discovered that jealousy is a well developed feeling of envy and gloating in the game of life “Who is better: you or me?”
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ISBN: 978-1-4581-7729-2
A dynamic and surprising book, containing a rich blend of ideas and research supported by plenty of metaphors and illustrations. The reader is constantly kept alert by the powerful exercises and the innovative presentation of the content. If you’re looking for a self-help book as well as some concrete tools to offer your patients or friends, this one is for you. Danie Beaulieu, Ph.D. Author of Impact Techniques for Psychotherapists and Eye Movement Integration.

I am honored to recommend you books of those extraordinary people I had met personally. My life dramatically changed. There was not a single boring or empty day since that time. Incredible talents opened. 

The amazing knowledge, which is constantly upgrading and enriching, helped hundreds of my students, clients & patients of addiction clinic to live inspired, be valued and loved.
Real People Press
Owned and operated by Steve and Connirae Andreas, Real People Press is a publishing company with the mission of making high quality NLP books, CDs, and DVDs available to anyone. 
Only the authentic YOU, who reads books!

All the other aspects of you  are just  roles

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ISBN: 978-1-4580-0827-5
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Smashwords Edition
ISBN: 978-1-4581-2080-9 
In 1953 graduates of Yale University were asked if they had clear, specific goals written down for what they wanted from life: only 3 per cent did.Twenty years later, in 1973, a follow-up survey found that those 3 percent not only were more satisfied with their life; they now had more money than the entire other 97 percent!
Achieve your goals as very rich and outstanding people do, with no failure or disappointment. Master your fate with your dreams.

The book became so popular, that it was animated. Why?

People often fail to get what they want because of the distractors from the past. We all need to get immediate satisfaction & pleasure in our everyday life
Short, succinct and pithy, this book helps to relate to your hopes and dreams... and when we write them down they become goals. This book helps to clarify your goals as sometimes we wish for things we think we want, when in fact there are times we need to really examine our motivations to find what really makes us happy.
Reverend Grant Gillard,

a conference speaker, author, husband and father and pastors the First Presbyterian Church in Jackson, MO
Do you feel uneasy in the presence of a VIP, your boss, an inspector or other people who consider themselves superior? Then learn how to manipulate them by using humor and adult pictures! Erotic methods are the best solution. Hundreds of people learned to do this. Now it is your turn to control work situations. Eager? – Then enjoy quick results.
Smashwords edition
ISBN: 978-1-4659-8439-5

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 with Natalia Levis-Fox to Smashwords Publisher in PDF
How Foxic Got Rid of Fears” is a nice, healing fairy tale: ebook +2 animated slide films with nice sounds for modern reading devices.

Most of personages are just fluffy toys you can buy in the nearest shop. You can easily heal all your child’s fears yourself, like Wise Owl showed Foxic way out from his night horrors, just playing with heroes.

The fast method embedded in this fairy tale had helped thousands of people to be free from their unhealthy imagination. Your child’s curious mentality will take this method automatically in consideration for further practice in their everyday life. Nobody deserves to suffer. Enjoy marvels with Foxic and his friends with your kids.

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