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Astrological Psychology turns vague prognoses into your real everyday support. Information from stars is transformed into genuine advice for you as a brilliant personality: for your wellness, pleasure, comfort, better relationships and everything important you.

Astrological Psychology supplies your everyday personal horoscops with nice and healthy methods for you to shine everywhere!

There are 155 brilliant and easy to use methods​​, covering all your areas of life:

Now let’s see what stars promise us in May 2014
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Love & Relationships methods

​How to become attractive, sexy and popular

​How to have your lover, spouse back

​How to find your soul mate

​How to find a proper sex partner for you

​How to become strong & sexy to win negotiations

​How to connect with your kids

​How to connect with your spouse

​How to attract your love

​How to attract lovely relationships

​Health & Beauty

​How to loose weight and stop overeating

​How to get into shape

​How to stop anorexia

​How to turn stress into laughter

​How to loose your stress

How to improve your sleep​​

How to stop your negative self-talk​​

​​Business, Work & Money

​How to attract more money

​How to attract money in your business

​How to read your boss and partners

​How to win in negotiations, interview

​How to manage your boss

How to become the center of attention at work

​How to turn your boss into your friend

​How to persuade your partners, boss and suppliers

You can order any 3 methods (PDF) for the price of a month everyday horoscope